Hooty 3 in 1 Projector & Soother Baby Sleep Night Light | BenBat

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The Benbat Hooty 3 In 1 Projector & Soother is essential for keeping your baby company, either in their cot or the car.

Features 6 soothing and calming sounds.

3 lullabies, gentle birds singing, crickets and nature sounds together with the starlight projection in alternating colourful lights of blue-green and amber will settle your baby in no time.

The baby sleep projection soother has an automatic shut off feature after 20 mins.

Attaches easily to most cribs, adjustable cribs or freestanding on any part of your home.

The flick of a switch is all that is needed to create a relaxing and “sleepy” atmosphere. You can have just the projector or the projector with the sounds you prefer.

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